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The Faint's Todd Fink interview [08 Oct 2008|06:19pm]

Check out this interview with the Faint's Todd Fink here.
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The Faint got married! [31 Jan 2006|11:45pm]

I read that Todd got married last year to Orenda from Azure Ray. That's awesome! I think it's cute how he changed his last name instead of her changing her last name.

But I have a question. I have been seeing a lot of pictures recently of Dapose wearing a ring on that finger. Does anybody know if he is married as well? I also heard that Jacob got married. Everybody's gettin' married!

Congrats to all three if it is true!
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Giveaway to Broken Spindles @ Echo, October 23 [20 Oct 2005|01:44pm]

Sunday, October 23; 10pm; 18+
Part Time Punks presents: Broken Spindles (Joel Petersen of The Faint) @ The Echo (1822 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles - Echo Park, 90026)

Part Time Punks DJs Michael Stock and Benjamin White spin post-punk, mutant disco and indie 80s/90s.

Buy tickets

"There's always something kind of test tube baby about laptopica, but Peterson found interesting ways to grant his record some organic textures; though a bit of the disc was composed using Reason software and sounds to some degree like what you'd expect in a Faint instrumental piece, the album benefits from guest guitarists, live bells, chimes and odd instruments, and some burbly-gurgly-crackly undertones that link several tracks, occasionally reminiscent of crinkling fabric or a palpitating heart." - William Bowers, Pitchfork Media

Trivia QuestionCollapse )

Mark your calendar: Orenda Fink (of Azure Ray) and Neva Dinova will play at the Echo on November 5. Buy tickets here.
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EBAY: AS THE SUN SETS "Limited Summer" Demo, USURP SYNAPSE "Endless Breathless" CD, & INTERPOL demo [04 Sep 2005|02:49pm]


Unfortunately for me (fortunately for you!) the people that won these items from me flaked, so here they are again.

-AS THE SUN SETS "limited summer" tour CD demo from the tour w/ A TRILLION BARNACLE LAPSE just before ATSS became DAUGHTERS.
ONLY 200 of these exist!!!

-USURP SYNAPSE "Endless Breathless" hand-made CD. Glued, painted, and stamped with glitter. This is the only copy i've ever seen of this. A real humdinger!

-INTERPOL "Precipitate" self-released CD featuring GREG DRUDY from SAETIA on drums.

Thanks for looking!
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ENDING TODAY [20 Aug 2005|01:19pm]


As The Sun sets "Limited Summer" Demo, OFF MINOR DEMO, Original tour shirts from ORCHID, JEROMES DREAM, THE VIDA BLUE, LOCUST MIRROR COMPACT, and USURP SYNAPSE "Endless Breath" CD!!! CLICK (for bandit)!
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EBAY:rare Locust mirror, As The Sun Sets demo, OFF MINOR demo Usurp Synapse CD, ORCHID tour shirt [15 Aug 2005|05:08pm]


There's more than intially shown, so clickie clickie! jerome's dream, Vida blue, and more!

[11 Aug 2005|10:02pm]


Sorry if this isn't allowed
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If anyone's interested.... [14 Jun 2005|09:29pm]

I was just setting up my scanner and needed a test subject. Old 7th grade yearbook was handy, so I scanned Todd Baechle's (now Fink, actually - according to the website he got married in March) yearbook picture. This was 1986-1987 at Arbor Heights Junior High in Omaha, NE.
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jimmy kimmel [14 Jun 2005|01:48am]

i posted the jimmy kimmel recording on my lj

hope you enjoy.

leave me comments on it, on my lj though!

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[09 Jun 2005|11:06am]

I'm Maxine.
I'm going to see The Faint tonight.
Bright Eyes will also be there...but I'll probably leave.
Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had been to a show yet.
If so, how affordable was the merch?
I need to know how much I'm gonna have to bring tonight.
That's it.
Thanks kids.
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little kids and the faint... hahah [02 Jun 2005|08:23pm]

My little brother dances to the faint.

Here's a short clip.. for now.. hahah I'll edit the full video later ;)

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Danse with me. [21 May 2005|09:58pm]

Yeah. I'm lacking friends.

Add me and dance with me please!
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Live videos of The Faint? [21 May 2005|01:51pm]

Hey all, I'm a fairly new fan of The Faint and I loveee them. I haven't had the luxury of seeing them live but I'm DYING to. So I wanted to know if anyone knew of any websites to download live footage of them singing and dansing and stuff.

Thanks in advance.

PS.. You can AIM me at x pony c0re x if you want :)
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The Faint pics [07 May 2005|05:17am]

Anyway, I finally got my pictures back...but most of them didn't come out. :( I wonder why?

Me and the Faint!! These aren't from this tour of course, but the one before it.

I look like an idiot.Collapse )
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tiga [11 Mar 2005|07:53pm]

Hi!!!Can anybody help me to find some links to interview with TIGA?
I have just minimal infotmation about him(becouse i live in Russia) :(((
I need it VVVEEERRRYYY much!!!!
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free ipod [29 Sep 2004|09:47pm]

im gonna post on my music communities about the free ipod... its a very legit deal.

just sign up here http://www.freeiPods.com/default.aspx?referer=9378858 and all you have to do is get 5 referals, it requires a credit card, but if you go to ancestory.com, it gives you a two week trial, you can cancel it right after you get credit (literally within minutes you can cancel) then you dont get charged with anything. and you get an ipod sent to you.

many people have done it, jsut check www.freeipodguide.com (shows legit stuff)

if ancestry.com isnt up try any of teh otherr offers witha trial, so you can cancel anytime!

thanks guys, good luck
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Request [26 Sep 2004|11:19pm]

Hi, I have a request. I hope I don't annoy anyone...

If anyone could please give me their interpretation of the following song, "Your Retro Career Melted" by The Faint that would be greatly appreciated! I need to use the song for a project but I'm having a hard time figuring out what exactly it means. What do you think this song is about? (Helps if you heard the song!) But even if you haven't, go ahead and post.

"you retro career melted" by The Faint

recovering slowly, a torso fell
from a beat up truck by a rural motel.
the manager seen how the truck bed bounced
while dust flew up with a rolling sound.
voices appear from the staff outside
in bulbous text in a western style
his mannequin neck spun to turn his face
the bars spills drunks out frame by frame
girls pushed girls side to side
to hear a suction sound as limbs realign
the crowd just seemed to multiply
they hear his plastic jaw as the news drops hard:
"your retro career melted"
they couldn't have agreed with the mannequin less
they didn't understand what the mannequin meant
the sound of a barreled gun held to the back
some plastic clicks as the shell parts pass.
flesh tone shards fly by wild
they fill a plastic bag with the parts inside
the bag got dumped, a town nearby
they reassembled fast as his voice dropped hard:
"your retro career melted"
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God I hate INTROS [18 Aug 2004|03:12am]

and im sure most of you hate these stupid thigns too. But hey im sorry, and i might as well do one....

im adrienne. i love the faint along with other things like conan..anyway....im 14. and well, yea. see nothign else to say really. so im going to awkwardly stop writing this. er, bye.
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Club Decease [27 May 2004|09:21pm]
Club Decease is a 6 piece band from louisiana/mississippi that include melodic synths and guitar in their music, they've been compared to the likes of the deftones, 30 seconds to mars, and other bands, but they are a new sound, that I hope you will allow them to share with you.

You can click the link below to check out some of their stuff.

Read more...Collapse )
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[23 May 2004|09:59pm]

For Those of you who love the faint and electronic music!

New Wave/Synth Rock/Alternative Music!


Macht Apparel Media
Click that link and scroll down and you'll see the mp3s. These songs are compliments of Macht Apparel, The Anix and Vanity Beach. And it's 100% legal to download.


"New" is the hidden track off the Anix's latest album "An Illusion Of Time"

Buy "An Illusion Of Time" By The Anix

The Official Anix Website


"The Massive" is off of Vanity Beach's debut album "Nights Of The New"

Buy "Nights Of The New" by Vanitty Beach

The Official Vanity Beach Website




Brandon of The Anix @ Kcal's battle of the bands)

The Anix won Kcal's Battle of the bands. Now that they won the Kcal Battle of the bands, We need all of you guys to email the Bob show saying that The Anix won and you want them to play our music! You might want to say your from the San Bernardino area. It would probably help. Please support unsigned Synth Rock.

Please. It'd help a lot.

Buy anix merchandise at http://www.machtapparel.com

- The Anix Street Team
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